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Email Template

The service can sends emails using a set of string parameters, e.g. subject, body etc. However, it can also send emails based on an HTML template.

The two main areas are the ‘subject’ and ‘body’ tags which correspond to the parts of the email.  You can also use the basic HTML styling accepted in HTML based emails e.g. bold, underling etc.

<subject>The Work Item [@@System.ID@@] has been edited</subject>
The title is '@@System.Title@@' for the work item [@@System.ID@@] <br />
My custom field is '@@Bm.CustomField1@@' and this field should give an error '@@Incorrect.Field@@'

Any work item fields between @@markers@@ will replaced with the actual values from the TFS work item, any fields between ##markers##  will be replaced by the values from the alert event XML block. You can also append a list of all the field values using the dump field flags

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